Golden Arrow retires over 100 tons of carbon dioxide

LAKE PLACID - The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort in Lake Placid retired 132 tons of carbon dioxide for the month of December 2008. The Golden Arrow accomplished this by working jointly with the Adirondack Council and their Cool Park/Healthy Planet Carbon Retirement Program.

The program was created by the Adirondack Council to prevent thousands of tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted by power plants from Maine to Delaware. The Golden Arrow committed to retire enough carbon credits to offset the total number of occupied room nights for the month of December. It has been estimated that the there are 100 lbs of carbon emitted per room night.

The Golden Arrow had a goal to retire 100 tons of carbon credits through the program. A total of 2590 rooms were occupied at the resort for the month of December. The resort, through the program, permanently retired 132 tons, which was almost one third more than their original goal. It was their objective to help guests and the public to understand that they can really help make a difference.

The Golden Arrow made a donation of $1,100 to the Cool Park/Healthy Planet Carbon Retirement Program.

What made the Adirondack Council's program unique was that it removed actual carbon credits that power companies in the northeast had been able to purchase to give them the right to emit carbon. Through the Adirondack Councils Cool Park/Healthy Planet Program, these are now permanently retired which is a major benefit to the environment.

"We were so grateful to be able to work with the Adirondack Council again and take advantage of this program," said Jennifer Holderied, owner of the Golden Arrow. "What was really great is that for Christmas, our staff surprised us and retired six tons of carbon in our family's name. It is rewarding to see we are all on the same page when it comes to sustainability."

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