Fifty Years Ago - February, 1959

Funeral services for Elihu R. Geraghty, 42, a prominent Warrensburg attorney, were held Feb. 18, 1959 at the Church of the Holy Cross, Warrensburg, with a large crowd in attendance, including a large contingent of the Warren County Bar Association.

Geraghty died early Sunday night in an automobile accident near First and Hudson Streets. It is believed that he accidentally tripped and fell as he was crossing the street and was run over by a passing automobile. Cpl. William T. Carboy and Trooper Edward Pratt investigated with Warrensburg Chief of Police Howard Hewitt.

Mr. Geraghty's death brought a tragic ending to what had been a brilliant career in law and public affairs. He graduated from Colgate University in 1937 and from Albany Law School in 1940. He worked actively upstate for the late Wendell Wilkie in his campaign for the presidency prior to entering the Navy where he served as a lieutenant during World War II. In 1940 he entered a law partnership with former Assemblyman Harry Reoux and was active in politics. In recent years he has maintained his own office.

Mr. Geraghty leaves a widow, the former Thelma Burto Geraghty of North Creek and five sons, Elihu Root Geraghty, Jr., 18, Ennis, 11, Kevin, 9, Jonathan, 8, Sean, 6 and his mother, Mrs. Mary Geraghty of Chestertown. Burial was in the Warrensburg Cemetery Rev. Robert Heron officiated at the services.

(Kevin is now the Warrensburg Town Supervisor, and Jon and Sean have served on various local community boards.)

Tax plan under fire

Warren County Assemblyman Richard J. Bartlett told Warrensburg taxpayers that criticism of the Gov. Rockefeller budget as a "soak the poor" program is not accurate. He said, "The greatest tax increase will actually be for those with a taxable income in excess of $9,000 in Warren County." Taxpayers earning less than $6,000 a year, who paid 20 percent of state taxes last year will pay only 19 percent this year. Those earning under $3,500 will now only pay four percent. "We cannot, however, have both increased services and lower taxes," Mr. Bartlett commented.

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