Time to think ice-fishing

Line that is hard to see will be better for spooky fish. FireLine Micro Ice is the lowest visibility superline out there, so you get great sensitivity and strength. Vanish fluorocarbon is invisible underwater, so you don't need to worry about it spooking fish either. If panfish are the quarry, two or three pound test is a good choice.

Early in the ice fishing season, the water is often quite clear and the fish will usually be in shallow water. This can be a great time to watch the fish. You can learn a lot about fish and fishing by watching how they relate to different lures, lure sizes, and lure actions. Even if the catching isn't so good on some days, you can learn a lot of things that will help you catch more fish next time out just by watching the fish.

Always remember our first reminder: You don't need to be the first one out on the ice. If you remember that, you'll enjoy lots of ice-fishing early in the ice fishing season.

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