The power of reaching out

"To me, this is a tremendous effort on the part of local businesses, local charities, and the organization that exists to help the charities [Rotary]," said Phil Santasiero, Rotary project coordinator. "They all got together and approached the homeowners, second home owners, businesses in town, the Lake George Rotary Club, the Glens Falls Rotary Club, and also the Rotary District Organization.

"Everybody that could be reached was given an opportunity and they all came through," he added. "It was a really heartwarming thing to see how so many people got into the effort and it came to pass."

On a cold Saturday afternoon, Santasiero gathered with fellow Rotarian, Frank Boos, and Brother James Posluszny, to admire the new generator and its 1,000 gallon propane tank.

"What this means to the Outreach Center is the securing of 12 units of housing and the protection of the food pantry," Brother Posluszny said. "When you have a major power outage up here - a lot of the families that live in these units don't have the option to go anywhere else."

While the facility is not a designated Red Cross Shelter, similar to what has been setup at the Johnsburg Central School, the Outreach Center intends to operate as an interim shelter for anyone unable or unwilling to seek Red Cross services in an emergency.

"If we have the room available, we intend to open our doors to anyone in need," Brother Posluszny commented.

This week the system is expected to be fully tested and certified by Gore Mountain Electric. While everyone involved hopes that they never have to hear it running, its presence will provide one more way that the people dedicated to helping others can reach out a little further into the community.

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