Ideas for family fun

The town sledding hill has been groomed by Thurman Town employees, and it's ready for outdoor fun! Bring your sleds, saucers or ski boards and enjoy the wintry outdoors like in the bygone days!

Volunteer of all ages are needed to stop by the Thurman Town Hall Saturday Feb. 7 to help in creating Valentines for area veterans.

The group will gather at 1 p.m. and all the materials and supplies will be furnished to create the Valentines. Those who want to bring extra materials are encouraged to do so.

Pizza and snacks will be available for all who participate. Call 623-2249, 623-2909 or 623-9961 for more details.

What's this world coming to?

The telephone company's computerized phone-answering system for their repair-request line is a disaster.

I get frustrated, and I'm sure others do too, when calling to report a problem.

Their new voice-automated answering system never seems to understand what you are saying, gives you computer-menu choices that aren't helpful, and blocks your way to get a real person on the line.

I'm sure it causes people with high blood pressure or other medical problems to "lose their cool."

Too many big companies are converting to systems like this. All of this computerization should be banned, and this would provide more jobs for real people!

Remember how many people in the neighborhood used to work for New York Bell Telephone? Do you think a petition would help?

Special days

Birthdays this week belong to Dewie Stoy, Jill Galusha and Jason Baker on Feb. 6; Vonda Beattie, Kayden Breault and Jim DeSourdy on Feb. 8; Cole Mosher and Hilary Vaughn on Feb. 9; Carol Hall, Zachary Hennessey, Laura Rafferty, Nick Moon and Filomena Riviello on Feb. 10; Donna Keck and Kailey Bacon on Feb. 11; Kara and Kailey Bacon on Feb. 11 and Nathan Herrmann on Feb. 12.

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