Check out Shirley's presentation

Don't forget that Shirley LaForest, Town of Essex Historian, will be presenting a power point program portraying the life of successful local farmers and the Wadhams Mills and Whallonsburg settlements at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 11 at Wadhams Free Library.

Winner of Jim LaForest's "Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory" award for the week are the Democrats for picking a venture capitalist (wise in today's markets, eh?) to run for the Congressional seat opened by the Gillibrand appointment to the U.S. Senate, thus insuring a victory for the Republicans. I see where the downstate Republicans picked Tedisco, the ferocious tiger tamer. Where was this mighty warrior when someone was needed to take on Gillibrand last year? Now that the coast is clear and there are no tigers around, here comes the tiger tamer! Oh, as for Gillibrand, now she is now in the Senate, she only has to have a baby every six years.

See where Lake Placid wants the extra bed tax money to emphasize itself. The Supervisors in the county were impressed that the Lake Placid folk had a plan. Amazing, Zowee, Hoo-ha, Poi, Hooray, washababy! I have a better idea. Instead of blowing xtra money down the Lake Placid hole for more of the same stuff, how about a real county wide promo program? I could do it as well as any fifth grade class.

Yes, yes, I know, after my last week's column, that I better drive very carefully from now on and have Shirley or a grandchild start our car in the morning. Anyways, if you ever need a trooper, I know where to find three of them during lunch hour in Willsboro.

In Essex, we celebrated the knowledge that a local is starting up a series of political parties across our Congressional District to help our intrepid Representative McHuey find towns he has never seen. Mom's Apple Pie Lovers is the first and it will be in Essex County.

Five birthdays in Essex to announce, but I can't remember who they are or when, except they're in February. Hey, where are Jonathan's turkeys?

Had 74 (amount not age) people at the Grange's Last Saturday of the Month square dance. Congrats to Friends of the Grange, Gary Finney and an Arts Council grant. Oh, how I wish I had bought more than 350 of Maria's huge chocolate chip cookies.

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