100 Years Ago - February 1909

Fred Bennett of Chestertown, who has a pulp wood job for Lewis Thomson on Pucker St., drew to the D. & H. station in Warrensburgh with a pair of steers a load of wood which weighed 10,200 pounds. It is asserted that this is the largest and heaviest load ever drawn in this locality.

In other local news, the most of the horses at The Glen are sick with the distemper.

Dogs got into George Thomson's sheepfold on Spruce Mountain early Saturday morning, Jan. 30, 1909. They killed three sheep and severely mangled two others.

Horse races on ice

The first of a series of ice races at Lake George started Feb. 3, 1909 and furnished excellent sport for a large crowd. The race was for a purse of $25, contested for only by green and untrained horses. Joe Lucia's John L. won in straight heats. Horse racing at Lake George and Glen Lake is at its peak this month and draws large crowds of eager spectators.

Despite the new anti-gambling law, Saratoga will hold horse races this coming season.

Love blooms at lunchtime

George D. Sherman, the millionaire horseman of Syracuse, formerly of Port Henry and Moriah, and who is well known in Warrensburgh, has married Miss Mary Kane, the pretty Syracuse girl who waited on him at the restaurant where he took his luncheons while attending the State Fair in 1907. They are now enjoying their honeymoon trip to the Pacific coast in his private railroad car.

News roundabout

Military Department commander William H. Daniels, of Ogdensburg prepared a bill providing for pensions of $6 a month to all veterans who served three months in the Civil War and who have arrived at the age of 60 years.

A.E. Norton of Lake George exhibited at his office a public notice which was posted in Warrensburgh nearly a century ago. It was dated Warrensburgh, June 8, 1821 and was signed by Bradford Knapp.

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