Ferryboat crashes into docks

On Jan. 30, at approximately 5:20 p.m., a Lake Champlain ferry, the MV Cumberland, a former Delaware Bay ferry, was involved in an accident while attempting to conduct a routine landing at the Grand Isle Ferry landing site.

At the time of the incident, the Captain of the ferry noticed that while making his approach to shore, the ferry was traveling at a speed higher than normal and he took action to slow the boats progress into shore. The captain of the ferry maneuvered the vessel into several of the wooden pilings just off the shore line in close proximity to the landing site in an attempt to slow the ferries progress into shore.

This maneuver caused the ferry to bump along the pilings causing several passengers and one of the ferry employees to fall to the deck. In addition, one vehicle that was parked on the ferry at the time of this incident received minor damage.

Those injured during this incident were transported to the hospital with what were believed to be minor injuries but at the time of this press release, no further up date is available on their conditions. The names of those injured are not being released.

As a result of this incident, the U.S. Coast Guard was informed per standard operating procedure of the Lake Champlain ferries. The Lake Champlain Ferry Company will be conducting an internal investigation in partnership with the USCG to get a better understanding of what took place at the time of the incident.

The Grand Isle Crossing is currently running with two boat service. Members of the public with transportation questions are asked to contact 864-9804.

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