NCSPCA 1/2/10

Recently I was asked by a friend whether I felt that dry or canned food was healthier for cats. Of course, the best resource for answers regarding your own pet is your personal vet; each of our pets has their own unique dietary needs. However, I found a useful article from Dr. Marcus Brown, co-founder of the Capital Cat Clinic in Arlington, Va., that provides some useful information. You can read the full article at CatCare.com, an informative website with a variety of useful articles about feline health.

Dr. Brown states that it is important to consider the "natural" diet of early domesticated cats - during the time of Ancient Egypt. These felines thrived primarily on a diet of small rodents. Interestingly, the water content of the "mouse diet" approximates the current water-to-solid ratio of today's can of cat food. Dr. Brown states this is important because cats naturally obtain most of their moisture from food. For this reason, wet cat food can be advantageous over dry kibble.

In order for kitty to stay healthy on a diet of dry cat food, she needs a ready supply of water. If your cat does not consume enough liquid, she can develop urinary tract difficulties, including painful kidney stones. Dr. Brown advises that you provide water in a separate place from where your cat's food is served. You may even want to consider the purchase of a "kitty water fountain" which provides a steady moving stream of water, something cats seem to prefer over water in a bowl (which answers the question of why my cat loves to drink water trickling out of the shower faucet!)

Instead of featuring a single pet this week, we thought it would be helpful to mention some of our previously featured pets who have not yet found homes. Blue, a Beagle/Coonhound mix, is an energetic young fellow who just loves to have fun. Tika is a pretty grey and white, shorthair kitty whose owner moved away and was unable to bring her. Indigo is a brown and white Hound-mix whose owner also moved away. She is looking for a quiet home where she can go for long leisurely walks. You can see all of our wonderful pets at www.ncspca.org. Stop by anytime to see us!

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