Highway chief asks for patience

TICONDEROGA - The Ticonderoga Highway Department is asking for patience and cooperation this winter.

Arthur "Pat" Morrison, Ti highway superintendent, said his crew needs time and help to clear snow. It's a big job, he said - the local highway department is responsible for 47 miles of town roads, 25 miles of county roads and 12 miles of state roads.

"That adds up to 84 miles one way," Morrison said. "Multiply that by two and you will come up with 168 lane miles. That also doesn't count one road that has more than two lanes.

"We also have a very large cleanup operation that is sizeable and needed to get Main Street ready for merchants as well as the school system," he added. "Please be patient with us and we will have everything cleaned up as safe and fast as possible."

Morrison pointed out Ti residents can help the highway department by not parking on streets.

"With your help we will be able to get you and your loved ones to your destination safely," he said. "Also, to avoid having your hard work wasted, please wait until plowing is finished to shovel your driveway and sidewalk. As you're facing the street deposit snow on the right side so as when the plow comes through it won't redeposit the snow back into your drive."

Morrison said town plow operators take care to avoid damaging mail boxes, but it's not always possible.

"Please remember that on most roads they (mail boxes) are in the town right of way and the risk of loss or creation of a hazard is solely the responsibility of the landowner," the highway chief said. "Please try to check them to see if they are in need of repair. They may not come in contact with the plow, but large amounts of wet and heavy snow may dislodge them. The repair and/or replacement will be at the discretion of the (highway) department."

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