Essex supervisors mull last-minute cuts

"A lot of times, these last-minute decisions aren't well thought out, and we're just acting on emotion," said Dedrick.

"I just think everybody here thought this would be much easier because [Scozzafava's] not here," said Chesterfield Supervisor Gerald Morrow.

Politi's amendment failed to gain enough support and was defeated, as was Douglas's resolution. Though other suggestions were brought forth, none were able to spark a consensus among supervisors.

"If we don't act on this today, I'm sure we're creating a lot of extra work for payroll," said Essex Supervisor Ron Jackson, noting that the salaries would go into effect Jan. 1 before the next board meeting.

The board then recessed at the request of Politi. When they returned to session, Moses had returned from her absence.

Politi moved to reconsider the original proposal of across-the-board 4.25 percent raises, and the measure passed with only Preston dissenting.

Palmer emphasized that the plan included a thorough review of management-confidential salaries and that he should have an assessment finished by April.

The prior resolution that had already been passed with two percent raises was brought forth for revision to 4.25 percent and passed by a similar vote.

Asked why he decided to change his vote, Politi said after the meeting, "We weren't going to get a resolution today."

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