Burghers depend on Frye's talent, will to win

WARRENSBURG - With just seconds left in overtime during a game Dec. 18 against Hartford, Warrensburg senior and basketball player Brendan Frye charged up the court and sank a fadeaway jumpshot to seal a Warrensburg victory.

For years, Warrensburg High School sports fans have enjoyed the gutsy determined play of Frye, who has led various come-from-behind campaigns - often eluding opponents, whether its dodging their defense for the entire football field in a kick return, stealing several bases in baseball, or weaving through players on the hardwood.

Frye not only has the determination to win, but he's willing to work in practice to make it happen, Burgher Basketball Coach Rich Schloss said.

"Brendan's the hardest worker at every practice," Schloss said. "He's our team leader, he's very coachable, and he really, really understands the game of basketball."

Frye's worked hard at sports since he was a child, so his moves - so elusive on the floor, field or diamond - are now almost a matter of instinct. It's like he's on autopilot, driven by his subliminal synapses.

"No one can stop him from dribbling past them - he's probably the quickest guy in the league," Schloss said.

Also, he's just as focused on defense, recording a formidable number of steals and blocks.

Although Frye's been a standout for years and played Varsity since his Sophomore year, he has reached a new level this season, Schloss said.

"Brendan's the 'go-to' guy, he's hungry for the ball - he likes to have the ball in his hands when the pressure is on," Schloss said.

When a sports game will be determined by one throw, a final run downfield, or a last-chance pass, Frye doesn't cave under the stress.

Asked what was going through his mind as the Burghers were trailing in overtime against Hartford and the clock was running down, Frye offered a few words last week.

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