Locally-produced beef jerky getting shipped overseas

Dutil hopes to continue sending the beef jerky overseas, as long as donations keep coming into to fund the drive.

"We just had a customer that came in, bought two bags of beef jerky, gave us a $20 bill towards it," Dutil said. "We've had people that can't afford to help us out, but they come help up pack the stuff up. Which is just as important."

One of the organizations which has helped the drive is the Blue Star Mothers and Dads, who adopted a platoon from Fort Drum. They have been sending the soldiers care packages, which include Jeezum Crow Beef Jerky.

"A lot of soldiers are confused with the 'Jeezum Crow,'" laughed Dutil. "So, the one local soldier usually has to explain what it means, then they make it a good comedy act down there."

Platoon Sgt. Chad W. Pipkin, for whom the idea of the jerky drive originated, recently wrote an e-mail to Dutil, explaining his appreciation for receiving the beef jerky package.

"My boys and I spend 12 to 18 hours a day out on the roads doing route clearance, and most of the time we do not eat," wrote Pipkin. "What we do is stick small things in our pockets, crackers and whatnot, and your jerky."

"My gunners appreciate it the most," he added, "because they have it the hardest. They never come off their guns and get all their food passed up to them. They ask if there is any of that Jeezum Crow left."

Toward the end of the letter Dutil sends to the local businesses, he wrote, "I have been shipping as much jerky as possible to our troops overseas with the help of dedicated family members, parents of soldiers, friends, and fellow soldiers to show them that we are proud of what they are doing for our country."

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