Athol-Thurman 12-26-09

Also many called and wanted a big thank you in to the folks who made up the lovely Christmas baskets. The baskets were delivered on Dec. 11 and were full of goodies and very nicely decorated - Thank you all.

Generous door-to-door salesman recalled

Back in the 1940s our family had a little boy living next door, about age 5, and he was going around the few homes situated in the area trying to sell Cloverine salve. Each full tin of this salve was 25 cents and if he sold enough he could get himself a bicycle. I well recall how his little eyes lit up when he could make a sale. He was so good that when one lady told hin she'd buy one, but she didn't have the quarter that day, his response was "That's okay, I'll run home and get my quarter so that you can pay for it."

Don't you wish there were car salesman like that today?

Over the fence

The town assessors have some advice to assure you get the benefits and tax breaks you deserve.

Folks should hold onto their income statement from Social Security, which may have already arrived in the mail. Seniors are advised to bring it and other proof of income into the town hall for a consultation over qualifying for enhanced STAR benefits, which provides relief from school property taxes. For the enhanced STAR rebates, growth in IRA accounts doesn't count except for the interest paid, according to Assessor Susan Baker, who has been praised for her help to seniors to maximize tax savings for townspeople. For details, call 623-4593.

Shovel out your mailboxes for your mail delivery; and if you expect a delivery of fuel or propane shovel a small path. As you do this remember the Golden Rule. However, U.S. postal service policy calls for all mailboxes to be shoveled out to assure delivery.

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