Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

My Christmas list is being published in newspapers in Vermont. I hate to play rough, but if by any chance you're unable to pull through with any of my listed requests, I'm not saying I would, but I could have that little bit of information published too.

...Give Me Give Me.

I hope you and Mrs. Claus are well and were able to get away at some point during your 364 days off. I was glad while visiting Vegas this summer to have heard rumor you and Mrs. S. were there also, staying at the Belagio. I trust you knew well enough to go heavy on the sunscreen.

Say hey to the Elves and Reindeer (I've always wondered Santa, the names by which we know them, Comet, Blitzen, Dasher, ... are those their last, or first names?), and be very safe out there on Christmas Eve. You are quite a guy.

Rusty DeWees

Rust's Christmas List

1.Darn Tough socks, 1 pair, with Darn Tough, that's all you need.

2.The ability to feel less scorn toward drivers ahead of me who nearly stop before turning from the main road.

3. A long, wet, French kiss under the mistletoe.

4. This June, ship me several bushels of organic kale. It's probably nasty tasting stuff, but I have a feeling it's going to be the "In" thing this summer.

5.A book on how to live 100 percent organically. I'm not sure it's better for you than living inorganically, but I'm two years shy of fifty and feeling I want to cover all the bases.

6. Clackers. Think '70s Sant.

7. Make no. 3 on the list happen with Sarah Palin.

8. A Burton Love board.

(Santa, gifts 7 and 8 are so when folks ask, and I tell them what I got for Christmas, I'll get more of a reaction then if I answered ("oh, underwear.")

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