Renowned horse statue resurfaces in Stony Creek

Instead of installing the horse at the campground, they decided to surprise Claudia Wheeler-Anthoine with a gift.

Linda Manzo had decided to relocate to the Adirondacks following the 1999 death of her husband Mike, at the age of 59, due to Alzheimer's disease, their daughter said.

"My dad wanted to retire in the Adirondacks and he loved that horse, so we're happy our family is reunited in the Adirondacks and that horse is up here with us."

Moving the horse created a minor phenomenon, as people driving up the Northway slowed down to take a look at the looming horse, with its head sticking out the back of a pickup tailgate, Leemans said.

While in Newburgh, the stallion was a traditional target of local teenagers, who in annual pranks painted certain of the statue's body parts varied colors for holidays -- red for Christmas, green for St. Patrick's Day, pink for Easter and blue for the onset of winter, Claudia said.

While the pranks are now history, Claudia says she indeed will decorate the horse for Christmas -- with a wreath.

"He's magnificent, even though right now he may need a paint job," she said. "He'll be here for a long time -- he's not going anywhere."

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