Calendar series continues with Dewey's Tavern

CHAMPLAIN - Since 2003, David Patrick has highlighted the small town of Champlain through a calendar. This year, he narrowed his focus to the historic Dewey's Tavern.

Over the years, Patrick has expanded his calendar, beginning with a "basic calendar" with images of old photos to which he had access.

"Over the next few years, I expanded the captions and also started to write an essay on specific subjects," Patrick explained. "This culminated in 2007 and 2008 when I wrote a two-part series on the founding of Champlain by Pliny Moore."

Some of the information he came across he had never been seen before, much less put together in an essay.

"So, I was writing about some very relevant subject matter for Champlainers," said Patrick.

This year, however, Dewey's Tavern became the focus for Patrick, as it is one of the most historic homes in all of Clinton County.

"The house and surrounding fields lay witness to American and British armies encamped around the house over three years," Patrick explained. "Many militia also camped here as well as half of the British Army in 1814 on their way to Plattsburgh."

The tavern was also where two of the four Prisoner of War treaties negotiated during the war were signed.

"Champlain saw more military activity than any other settlement in Clinton County," Patrick said.

Compared to the two major conflicts held in Plattsburgh, Champlain was the site of daily activity over the course of three years.

"Champlainers were in perpetual fear and many left town never to return," he said.

During his research, Patrick also found many "skirmishes took place around Dewey's Tavern on Route 276 as well as on Prospect Street."

"This is new information," said Patrick.

He also found out over the course of the last few months, not only were British soldiers buried in the Dewey family cemetery after being brought to the tavern from the Battle of Plattsburgh, but American soldiers were buried there as well.

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