News from the Springfield Family Center - Being Thankful & Food Basket Time

We are most thankful for our many generous donors that provide necessary funds for special programs and general support, in-kind donations and food for our Food shelf. Without this support, The Family Center could not begin to keep pace with serving the many needs of people in our community.

We are very thankful for all the wonderful people that volunteer in so many ways to help us provide and expand programming. Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes from volunteer Board members to Food shelf and Kitchen volunteers to those collecting food, those helping to clean and maintain our site to the local non-profit organizations and schools that encourage giving back and of course to our faith-based congregations that provide strong support.

We are so thankful to one of our strongest partners - Shaw's for donating bakery items, collecting food, allowing The Family Center to hold food drives and other events in front of the Store and just generally for the cheerful attitude of the staff that coordinates with us. The value of this assistance cannot be underestimated.

We are thankful to Willing Hands, Baba A Louis, Black River Produce and to other local food shelves that donate food to us, or share or exchange food with us.

In sum, we are thankful for everyone mentioned and for the many unsung individuals and groups that provide the fuel and the steam that allow our essential programming to be available during these challenging times. Thank you.

Joe Langton collects returnable bottles and gives the proceeds to the food shelf at the Family Center. This is yet another creative and thoughtful way an individual makes a difference.

It's time again to sponsor holiday food baskets for the December holiday meal. To date, generous donors have underwritten just over 100 baskets. Over 200 baskets will be distributed to eligible families. A $30 donation will provide the ingredients for a complete turkey dinner. Gifts may be sent to Springfield Family Center, 365 Summer Street, Springfield, VT 05156

We Need Take Home Food Containers

When possible, leftovers from the noonday meal are offered to diners for take home. We never seem to have any or enough containers to send leftovers home. Can you help?

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