Black River High School will not have a boy's basketball team this coming season.

I was recently very saddened when it was announced that Black River High School would not have a boy's basketball team this coming season.

For such a small school, I have always been impressed with all the great athletes and teams that the small Ludlow school produces, which has never been more evident with the recent championship successes of both the boys' and girls' soccer teams, the boys' baseball team and girls' softball team.

And although the basketball teams haven't produced any state championships, the Presidents have none-the-less produced some pretty good hoop players over the years, including most recently, Keene State's Tyler Kathan and the twin-1,000 point scorers Bobby and Courtney Rohrig.

It is a shame first and foremost for the Black River student athletes who were ready to play this season, and here is hoping the program can bounce back and produce a team next season.


The recent events revolving around pro golfer Tiger Woods are rather interesting, don't you think?

For arguably being the world's most recognizable athlete, Woods has done an unbelievable job in not only (somehow, up until now) remaining "under the radar" in regards to his personal life, but also keeping his nose clean - which in turn - hasn't given the media vultures any reason to attack his character.

Look, everyone makes mistakes in their life and Woods is no exception, so the recent episode involving Tiger running over a fire hydrant is not that surprising.

However, what is surprising and rather annoying, to be frank, is the fact that Woods can "put off" talking to the police for (at press time) the last four days about his accident.

If the circumstances had involved, say, the NBA's Allan Iverson or pro football's Terrell Owens, do you think they would have been forced to answer to the police by now?

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