A close encounter

Few hunters I've spoken with can believe the sequence of events that played out a few weeks ago when a North Country man was attacked by a 10-point buck near his remote home outside Malone.

Minerva resident Brian Warrington, however, no longer falls into that category.

That's because it nearly happened to him, too. The outcome, however, was a shade different.

"I read your column last week and couldn't believe a deer would act like that," Warrington told me, referring to my last column in which I described how Gerald Dabiew wrestled with a mature buck for nearly 20 minutes as it pounded him into the ground.

"Well, I believe it now."

Warrington said his own harrowing encounter began as he and his wife, Patty, started up into the woods to begin a drive. Barely off the blacktop, the duo jumped two deer, one of which was a slammer buck.

"So, I pulled out an estrus bleat, and bleated three times," Warrington said.

Before he could put the call away, the deer appeared, stomped at the ground, lowered its antlers and charged.

"My wife and I have been hunting together for 30 years," Brian said. "I've seen a lot of unusual things in the woods, but nothing like this."

Brian said Patty lunged for safety behind a tree as the 180-pound buck closed to within 30 feet and fired at the deer, missing it. The shot brought the animal to a stop, however, and Brian dropped it in its tracks.

"Obviously, the deer came to the bleat call, but this deer was so aggressive, it was grunting and growling and coming straight for us," Brain said.

"I've never seen anything like it," he said.

Patty agreed.

"It's pretty scary when it happens to you," she said, adding she will never doubt the effectiveness of a call again, or how a rutting buck might respond.

"I'm a believer now," she said, echoing her husband's earlier sentiment.

John Gereau is managing editor of Denton Publications and an avid outdoorsman. His column appears regularly. For more articles by Gereau, checkout his blog at www.denpubs.com.

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