Southern Vermont Congratulates New Community Newspaper

When word got out that the full staff of the now-defunct Message for the Week was putting together a new paper to fill the void left behind. The Messenger, with the help of Vermont's own New Market Press, the response from the Southern Vermont community was a bit overwhelming.

Congratulations filled Joe Milliken's and my own email inboxes, and the welcome for the new newspaper very nice indeed. So here are a few of the hundreds of comments we received. And one note - normally we are drastic and unforgiving editors when it comes to eliminating excessive exclamation points, but for these comments, all is forgiven!

Congratulations. This paper is the life of our communities and makes Southern Vermont feel like one big community. Thank you for your efforts!

Roberta O'Donnell

Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

Vermont Academy

So glad you are setting up the paper again- -the shock and loss of The Message was felt in every corner of the communities that you served.

Nina Jamison

VAULT Gallery, Springfield

YEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!! SO happy to have you back!

Maryann McArdle, Director of Communications Vermont Academy

Excellent news! I like the new name! All the best to you all - we'll be sure to send you our news!

Nancy Stefanik,

Westminster Cares

Fantastic news!! Many congratulations and all the best wishes for this new endeavor!!

Anneke Toomey,

Congratulations! This is great! So glad you'll be in BF!!

Charlie Hunter,

Roots on the River Festival Founder

Great news! I look forward to the first historic issue.

Dorothy Read,

Bellows Falls

Congrats gentlemen - look forward to seeing the first issue!

Bob Flint,

Executive Director Springfield Regional Development Corporation

Bravo, Rob! So great to hear!

Sam Lloyd, Actor


Joe & Bob

Awesome news!!!

If you want to come back on SAPA to talk more, let us know.

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