Messenger CD Review

Songs such as "Cold Outside", "Broken" and "Bleed" seemingly evoke a much more personal and soulful approach if you will, while other tracks like "Can't Stop", "Cowboys" and the title track create a more organic, roots-like vibe. While still other tracks that are specifically written for family such as the moody "All My Life" and "Savannah's Song", become about as personal and heart-felt as it gets.

Of course, the one common thread throughout Bittersweet is Smith's natural-yet-refined vocal style, which is a noticeably mature progression from his aforementioned early rockin' days.

Pristine in its' delivery, Randy is able to capture a true essence in his lyrics through voice.. they just seem an effortless vehicle for each other.

This aspect especially, leaves no doubt of the time, passion, dedication and love the artist has put into his craft.Yes, Bittersweet was a long time coming for both Randy and his fans, and it was no doubt, worth the wait. Learn more about Randy Smith's new CD release Bittersweet at www.randotunes.com.

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