Green Mountain Union High School Announces Bus Routes


Reverse order of student pick-up. Every day except Tuesday bus will stop at Cavendish School to pick-up students.

ROUTE #3 1st & 4th quarter

Bus leaves GMUHS at 6:25 to first pick-up on Cavendish Gulf Road at approx. 6:45, Go to Densmore Rd, turn around at Williams driveway, and go back to route 103 down to route 10, turning onto Mattson Road, up Trebo Road as far as turnaround, then on to Flamstead Hill. Go to Elm Street,and to the junction of route 11. Arrive at GMUHS at 7:35 then to Chester Andover.

2nd & 3rd Quarter

Bus will not go up Trebo road. Those students will ride Bus #6 during that time.


From Caes to Pleasant Brook Apts to Elm St reverse order of student delivery.


Bus will leave GMUHS at 6:25 and proceed west on Route 11 to Thompsonburg Road following into South Londonderry arriving at approx. 6:45 then onto Londonderry Plaza arriving at 6:55 to transfer students with Londonderry bus. Will pick-up students along Route 11 back to Reservoir Road. Arrive at GMUHS at 7:35 then on to Chester Andover.


Reverse order of student delivery. Students from Weston should ride this bus.


Bus leaves GMUHS at 6:20 and has first pick-up at the junction of Popple Dungeon and Ethan Allen Road at 6:30. Turnaround and proceed back to Grafton Street into town. To Route 11 east arriving at Fletcher Hill approx. 7:05 Go across Rt 11 to Kenyon Road then on to Green Mountain Turnpike through to Route 103. Proceed north on 103 to the north entrance of Mountainview arriving at approx. 7:20, circle Mountainview and then proceed on to circle Flamstead. Arrive at GMUHS at 7:25 then on to Chester Andover.


Reverse order of pickup.

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