Cavendish Town Elementary School Bus Routes

The following are the bus routes for Cavendish Town Elementary School for the coming school year.

Students should be ready and waiting for the bus early on opening day until exact times with are established. There will be a "First Riders" bus ride on Monday, August 31 at 6:30 p.m. Kindergarten students and parents are encouraged to come to the school that evening for a bus ride.

PASSENGER BUS # 1 Chubb Hill, corner of Old County Road/East Rd., Tarbell Hill Rd., Knapp Pond Rd., Tarbell Hill Rd., corner of Tarbell Hill Rd. and Greenbush Rd., Tarbell Hill Rd., Rt 131, Carlton Rd., Rt. 131, MAC Molding, Cavendish Gulf Road, Rt 103., CTES.

Leave school 7:10 AM, Lindberg, Devereux, Rose 7:18 (corner of East and Old County), Reilly 7:20, Tyrrell 7:21, Chambers 7:23, Ewald/Burgess 7:31, Benoit 7:32, Blanchard (2),Boyer and Egnoe 7:33, Palmer 7:35, Robinson 7:36, Suydam 7:37 (corner of Armstrong and Tarbell Hill), Burnham 7:39, Gignoux 7:40(corner of Greenbush Rd. and Tarbell Hill), Hryckiewicz 7:42, Thurston 7:43, Wright, Phelps, Wells, Power 7:49 (at Bonnie Wrights), Rose 7:50, Bushey/Stearns/Webster 7:53 (at Post Office), Gray 7:53, Roby 7:54, Call 7:56, Sheldon/Carlisle/Woods/Barr (at G. Farrar) 7:57. CTES 7:58.

Afternoon Run - Starts with Route 131, Rt. 103, Stepping Stones, Greven St. Extension, Greven St., Depot St., Rt. 131, Cavendish Town, MacMolding, Cavendish Gulf Road, Route 131, Chubb Hill, East Rd., Chambers Road. Green Mountain covers Upper Tarbell Hill and Knapp Pond.

PASSENGER BUS # 2 Twenty Mile Stream, Heald Rd., Town Farm Rd., Center Rd., Whitesville Rd., High Street, Center Cavendish, Rt 131, Depot St., Assembly of God Church, Greven Street Extension, Greven St., Depot St., Pratt Hill Rd., Railway Ln., Depot St., Route 131, CTES.

Leave School 7:20, Call 7:23, Provance 7:25, Stearns 7:29, Quinn-Lambert 7:31, Veysey\Nowak 7:232, Johnson 7:33, Gould/ VanGuilder 7:34 (corner of Hoey Rd. and Center Rd.), Parker/Davis/Swisher/Rose 7:35 Power/Williams.Knipes (Corner Davis Rd.)7:36, O'Brien 7:38 (corner of High St. and Tierney Rd.), Fitzgerald 7:39, Cartwright 7:40, Frye 7:40, Harwood 7:44, Wark 7:45, Perry 7:46, Supry 7:48, Martel 7:50, Saylor 7:51, Provance 7:51, Sheldon 7:52, Thurston/Ripley 7:53, CTES 7:56.

Afternoon Run: Route 131, Depot St., Pratt Rd, Railway Lane, Depot St., Route 103, Assembly of God Church, Route 131, Greven St., Depot St., Twenty Mile Stream, Heald Rd., Brook Rd., Town Farm Rd., Atkinson Rd., Center Rd., Whitesville Road, High Street, Cavendish Center. Green Mountain also covers Twenty Mile Stream.

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