Morency responds to opponent's criticisms

Jones also said that he wants to revisit the town's method of procuring maintenance equipment and heavy machinery. He believes the town needs more transparency during the bidding process.

"One of those is the procurement of trucks and heavy equipment," he said. "Our policy is we need to have three bidders. But that policy is not always followed. I think it's important that the policy be utilized. We adopt it every January but we don't really use it."

Morency says that statement is simply not true, citing a 2008 purchase of a snowplow for the Highway Department.

"Our highway superintendent talks with the Essex County DPW and prepares specs to make sure anybody can bid on the truck," she said.

On the county level, Morency has chaired several committees and has been actively involved in the budgeting process year-in and year-out.

"I've got experience working with CPAs," she said. "Financing is my thing and that's what I'm recognized for at the county." She's also worked closely with North Country Community College.

Morency also notes that Jones said Medicaid takes up half of the county's budget - which is approximately $96 million. In the county budget, $14 million is raised by the tax levy, with $7 million going to Medicaid.

"He's talking about how he's going to try and get more support for it, because he says it uses up half of the county budget," Morency said.

"There's a big difference between a county budget and the tax levy. Our county budget is $96 million. So that's an example of things that he doesn't understand but makes statements about."

Morency says that she's proven herself as a leader in St. Armand.

"I believe in my experience and my abilities and my dedication to the residents of St. Armand and I put them up against Mr. Jones anytime," she said.

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