SL Police awarded drug money from Franklin County

Champagne says Saranac Lake's police department is constantly assisting the Franklin County District Attorney's Office and the Franklin County Border Narcotics/Task Force in dismantling drug smuggling rings.

But Champagne says it takes more than law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to combat the use and sale of drugs.

"Chief Nason and I can't do it by ourselves," he said. "It needs to be the whole community that works together and when that happens it's hugely successful."

"We had a huge issue in the Village of Malone with oxycontin and hydrocodone, and we were able to work with the doctors and the pharmacies and find out where those drugs were coming from, and really attack it on a community level where everyone was working together," Champagne said. "And, on the street level, that's what needs to be done."

According to Champagne, local agencies like the Saranac Lake Police Department face the challenge of balancing everyday enforcement with higher profile crimes.

"You can't just focus on the large-scale drug operations and ignore speeding," he said.

In this case, Saranac Lake will use the $10,000 for patrol car cameras. Money obtained through the E-Share program may only be used for officer overtime or equipment purchase - it can't be used to supplant the budget.

Saranac Lake has three patrol cars and it will cost about $9,500 to equip the vehicles with the cameras.

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