Serendipity Spinners at the Adirondack Museum

BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE- The Serendipity Spinners hail from the central and eastern Adirondacks and will bespinning wool at the Adirondack Museum through Aug. 17.

The group has been spinning together for nearly twenty years and their member list has grown with the passage of time.

Members of the Serendipity Spinners will demonstrate their skills in the Mark W. Potter Education Center from 10 am to 4 pm and is included in the price of general admission.

The group will process wool from sheep and alpacas. "Processing" includes scouring or washing the fleece, picking and carding the wool, and finally spinning and plying the yarn. Weaving will also be demonstrated.

The group uses both hand cards and a drum carder; their spinning wheels are primarily Ashfords. They will spin with drop-spindles as well, and will encourage visitors to take a turn. Some of the women will knit throughout the week. Examples of knitting, dyeing, felting, and weaving will be displayed.

Wool processing is part of a summer-long series of craft and trade demonstrations at the Adirondack Museum. To see a complete listing, visit the museum's web site www.adirondackmuseum.org.

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