Quad events continue

CROWN POINT - The Champlain quad centennial celebration will continue with the Day Peckinpaugh canal boat docking at the pier in Crown Point Wednesday Aug. 19. The event will mark the debut of the original orchestral score "The Crown Point Suite," composed by local resident Laurel Rule. The facilities and camp grounds are located on the shore of Lake Champlain. The pier was built in 1929 to serve the passengers accessing Crown Point from steamboats cruising up and down Lake Champlain.

The lighthouse, originally constructed in 1858, was reconstructed as a monument to Samuel de Champlain in recognition of 300th anniversary of his exploration.

The Crown Point Pier and Champlain Memorial Lighthouse were renovated this year. The pier restorations included reinforcement of the metal trusses and decking, repair to the roof, and thorough cleaning of all exterior and interior surfaces and new signs. The 72-foot granite lighthouse was repaired and cleaned. The interior was cleaned, resealed and painted. The bronze sculpture by the french artist Auguste Rodin was restored.

The Day Peckinpaugh is a 1921, 259 foot long, historic canal motorship owned by the New York State Museum as a traveling museum and classroom dedicated to sharing New York's canal history. The vessel transported cargo from the Great Lakes to New York City from 1921 to 1994. Visitors will be able to step on board and discover the tale of maritime progress and advancement.

The musical suite will be played by a small orchestra of 12 musicians, to include Jeris French, a Crown Point music teacher , Carl Kokes, a retired music teacher, and violinist, other orchestra performers are students of French, Kokes and Rule. The orchestra will play Handel's "Water Music" and William Billings "Colonial Hymn: along with "The Crown Point Suite." Rule will be conducting the orchestra.

Rule was first inspired to compose "The Crown Point Suite" by the fort and its history. She wanted to capture the essence of the fort in music and represent the three nations who claimed it, by composing a movement for each.

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