How Will Future Generations Remember Us?

In the 1950's through the early 1960's, one wage earner could support his or her family. Many could afford a suburban home with all the attendant accoutrements. The average Americans purchasing power was significantly degraded. Several, high profile economists have suggested that these economic downturns are inevitable. To that I say bunk!

The economic storm that we are in is unprecedented as are the downgrades in American lifestyle and the lowered expectations of the future. Some have said that Baby boomers are the greediest Americans that our culture has ever seen. Based on recent events, it would seem that there is at least some validity to that claim.

As selfish people are unlikely to move beyond the arrogant ignorance of "I'm going to get mine thinking," Baby boomers left to their own devices, will undoubtedly try to squeeze the last breath of life out of what was America. As boomers fade away over the next decade, an opportunity is on the horizon for America to reinvent itself. Hopefully American youth will become the tip of the sword for change. Who could blame them if they become very angry about the mess that they are being handed? If current trends continue and for the first time since world war two, future generations may not enjoy a better standard of living then their parents. In addition, we are handing them an environment that may have been irrevocably and substantially compromised.

Remember all kids count.

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