Essex 8/15/09

Sonya Aubin asked me if I had heard of the rumor that there were bats in the belfry at a local Willsboro church. Now I don't know about ya'll but the notion of old bats in a church belfry has given me more chuckles than watching Bill Kissam getting pulled on his back into the DNC by his dog Ben. Ben is the only dog in the world that drops off fur in 5 pound clumps whenever he walks around. I collected the latest batch and threw it in the Boquet where it plugged up the river for 23 hours. In fact I understand that the NY DOT, in an effort to repair the Willsboro Mountain Road, has asked Bill to walk Ben up and down the roadway covering the road. It certainly is a better idea than anything DOT has done.

In more startling news, I understand that the Caveneys are going to manage the Essex ice Cream shop as a benefit operation for St.John's Episcopal Church. I offered to teach them how to hollow scoop Ice cream the way Mrs. Alexander used to but they declined. Will they buy their ice cream from ReNu or any other second hand operation? Will they offer more low fat or no fat ice cream or yogurt?

Did I ever tell you the story of a young man who walked into Mrs. Alexander and asked for a .05 cone? "What kind do you want" asked Mrs. Alexander? "It don't make me no never mind" the young man responded.

Another rendition of the immensely popular Settlers and Settlements show is scheduled for the Adirondack Museum in E-Town on August 20th at 7:30. Over 200 people have attended the show without one fight taking place. Who knows maybe this version will be the ice breaker.

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