Camp Che-Na-Wah brings song and dance to Tri-Lakes Nursing Home

NORTH CREEK - Ruth Wortman, director emeritus of camps Baco and Che-Na-Wah in Minerva, accompanied 47 campers to Tri-Lakes Nursing home in North Creek on Tuesday, Aug. 4 where they entertained residents with presentations of song and dance.

Che-Na-Wah girls ranging in age from 8-16 performed selections originally prepared for their weekly camp shows. From classic Broadway song and dance to contemporary pop, the girls aimed to bring some joy and excitement to the residents of Tri-Lakes.

Campers who visited brought with them a host of backgrounds, some visiting from New York City and others from Europe.

"We feel it's important for the campers to experience the community as well as realize that they have a lot to give back," said Wortman.

Following the show and a brief session that gave the Tri-Lakes residents an opportunity to interact personally with the campers, the Che-Na-Wah troupe continued their outing by experiencing the the sights and sounds of North Creek at the train depot and Tannery Pond Community Center.

"There is so much you can do in the world while still having fun and we hope to bring a little bit of joy to those we come into contact with," said Wortman.

Each and every performer voluntarily showcased her talent with aim to not only entertain, but to also bring joy.

"It was so great to go to the nursing home and bring some happiness to others. I felt so honored that I was able to help brighten someone else's day," said Che-Na-Wah camper Alexandra Popkin.

Camp Che-Na-Wah was established in 1923 as a family-run endeavor and the Wortman family has had the privilege to own and operate the camp for over 50 years.

Along with her husband Melvin, Wortman has been involved with Camps Baco and Che-Na-Wah since 1948 and have been directors since1954.

They strive to provide a traditional summer camp to a host of children from around the world in the backdrop of the Adirondack park.

This years presentation at Tri-Lakes marks the 15th year that Wortman and Che-Na-Wah campers have visited the nursing home with such programs.

For more information on camps Baco and Che-Na-Wah, please visit www.campbaco.com.

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