Are you buying a stolen car?

When police are able to track down stolen cars they will seize the car from the buyer and there is usually little recourse for the unsuspecting buyer to get his or her money back.

BBB recommends taking the following steps to avoid becoming a victim of VIN cloning:

Be extremely cautious if you see a late model luxury car or SUV selling significantly under normal market price.

Do not fall for the "we need cash quickly" excuse; exercise due diligence.

Check the VIN number on the dashboard, inside the door jamb and under the hood against the car's title documents for discrepancies.

Closely examine the car's title, registration and other documents. Fake documents sometimes contain misspelled words.

If you still have questions about the validity of the vehicle's VIN, obtain a comprehensive vehicle history report.

If you believe your car has been cloned-one giveaway according to the FBI is if you receive a notice for unpaid parking tickets-contact local law enforcement.

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