Tolerating the tolerant

How the hang you parents manage to do the extremely difficult work of raising children is beyond me. Nice job. I can barely remember not to leave the house without my Shaw's card.

Two beautiful women stopped by my booth to share feelings they have about the intent of my comedy. A young women with two children told me she feels my material is very often disrespectful of Vermonters. She also feels the heavy Vermont accent I affect isn't close to being accurate. The entire time we spoke, nearly five minutes, she wore a smile. She laughed a handful of times too, and never once did I detect an ounce of anger directed toward me.

Not 90 minutes later, a second woman walked by my booth looking like she wanted to rest; I offered her my extra seat. She was a strong healthy gal-I'm going to guess, maybe, early seventies. Though she could easily have been one of those folks who're much older than they look. She told me that when she hears me on the radio she often thinks I'm trying to put down native Vermonters.

I told my senior visitor, as I did the first women, that in fact my character and entire brand is built on my love of Vermont and Vermonters, and I try my best to speak in deference to the Vermonter. I told them that I always try to present my bits in such a way as to promote how the native working class Vermonter is, if not always, at least most often, as or more intelligent then the standard highly educated professional. After giving each gal an example of one of my stories, both ladies, the older one more so, thought they understood my intentions more clearly.

Any honest reaction to my material is pure and legitimate and I would never try to defend it. I only offer the person another pass of the offending piece, to see if they might pick-up something they hadn't as they sat in the theatre and heard it the first time through. If after hearing my stuff a second time doesn't effect their first reaction, that's fine. I respect their feelings. I'm tolerant

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