Mugging the Man in the Moon

Some local amateur astronomers claim Vermont has some of the best views of the full Moon in the northeastern United States. Their logic states that when you combine Vermont's cool, still mountain air with the clarifying atmosphere often found over large, local lakes-such as Lakes Bomoseen and St. Catherine-you have ideal conditions for Moonwatching with either your naked eye or with a telescope.

If you are among those who enjoy gazing up at Earth's rocky neighbor in space from your backyard, you'll probably enjoy a new collection of Poultney, Wells and Fair Haven-based Moon digital images immortalized on ceramic coffee mugs.

Freelance photographer and writer Catherine Oliverio of Wells has taken her unusual collection of Rutland County lunar photographs and transformed it into "Moonlight in Vermont Mugs", priced at $9.50 each.

The mugs take their name from the popular 1943 song written by John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf and made famous by singer Margaret Whiting. The attractive mugs are produced locally and they make great gifts for your favorite stargazer.

So, next time Vermont's ubiquitous clouds come between you and the full Moon, grab one of Oliverio's mugs-you can satisfy your java jones while gazing at Luna's captured, ethereal visage.

Check it Out: Moon Mugs are available at a variety of local gift stores; to order a mug directly, call 645-0548 or send an e-mail request to: Catholiverio@aol.com.

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