Got health-care questions?

5. President Obama has said he won't support a health care reform bill that will add to our exploding deficit. The Congressional Budget Office says this bill will bend the federal health care expenditure curve up-not down. Will you vote against any bill that fails President Obama's requirement that it will not add to our deficit?

6. Governors of both parties have strongly objected that the bill's mandated expansion of Medicaid will put an intolerable fiscal burden on struggling state treasuries and state taxpayers. Will you vote against any bill containing this very costly unfunded mandate?

7. The bill includes provisions for federally-designed "comparative effectiveness research". This is intended to require health care providers to deny health care to elderly citizens, people with disabilities, and others the health of whom certain appointed experts think is not worth improving. Will you oppose any bill that contains such a provision?

8. The bill requires that "qualified" health insurance plans include all "essential benefits" determined by federal bureaucrats. Democratic majorities have already voted down amendments to exclude elective abortions from the list of "essential benefits". That means that for the first time taxpayers will be required to subsidize elective abortions. Will you vote for a bill requiring taxpayer financing of elective abortions?

9. Exploding medical malpractice claims, fueled by the plaintiff's bar, are driving doctor and hospital malpractice insurance premiums ever upward. Why are there no provisions in any of the bills to ameliorate this problem, which is driving doctors out of practice? Is it because the plaintiff's bar contributes millions of dollars to the leading sponsors of this legislation?

10. The bill contains a "public option", a government-run insurance company "to keep the private insurers honest." Will this government-run company pay taxes, pay for its own revenue collection and marketing costs, and pay market interest rates on its debt? Or will it enjoy government backing that will enable it to undersell its private competitors, swallow up their customers, and become a new "Medicare for Everybody"?

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