City cracks down on shopping cart theft

Stores that cannot afford an anti-theft system, the city will waive the fee if the store puts in writing that it's willing to prosecute those responsible for removing the shopping cart from the premises. Representatives from Grand Union put in writing their willingness to prosecute or fine those who take carts from their lots.

Alderman Dave Dress said, "I believe the ordinance approved unanimously by the board will reduce cart theft significantly. Will it eliminate it entirely? I would have to say I doubt it. Why? We have learned from Price Chopper that even with the wheel locks, they are experiencing people overcoming the system by criminal means. But I am optimistic that with the community involvement that has stepped forward and the fines imposed on both the citizen and the merchant for inappropriate or absent action that this problem that has been such a blight to so many will be under control."

The Rutland United Methodist Church is making efforts to develop a shop and ride system for residents without transportation home from the supermarkets. Price Chopper has been selling small pull carts for customers needing assistance with their groceries.

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