Ways of the Woods to be at Essex County Fair Aug. 12 - 16

In addition to educating people about initiatives like this at SUNY-ESF, the Center is also using Ways of the Woods to advance the regional economic strategy and recommendations developed by the Sustainable Economy Initiative (SEI) - a multi-year economic assessment of the Northern Forest region led by a panel appointed by the governors of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and New York.

"The economic strategy developed though the SEI provides a common roadmap that business, policy and community leaders can use to build momentum across the region," said NFC Program Director Joe Short. SEI's recommendations, Economic Resurgence in the Northern Forest, are available online at www.nfsei.org.

"Ways of the Woods works on many levels, for adults and for children," said NFC Senior Program Director Mike Wilson. "Given the current economic climate, we want to use the exhibit to showcase positive opportunities related to forests, and to engage people in seeing how their community, their state, is part of an economically important region."

Known across the region as the "museum on wheels," Ways of the Woods consistently draws powerful, emotional responses from visitors as they explore both the history of the region and their personal connections to it. Tapping into economic issues and opportunities is intended to add another dimension to the visitor's experience.

The Northern Forest Center created Ways of the Woods through collaboration with scores of heritage organizations across the Northern Forest and with major financial support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Support for the 2009 Ways of the Woods tour is provided by TransCanada Corporation. The Center managed the Sustainable Economy Initiative jointly with the North Country Council of New Hampshire.

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