New Memory Garden Brightens the Adirondack Tri-County Nursing Home

NORTH CREEK - The Adirondack Tri-County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in North Creek has become a bit more colorful lately, thanks to the recent addition of a memory garden.

Memory gardens, gardens designed to memorialize residents of assisted living facilities, are popular in such facilities around the country, and the Tri-County nursing home put its resources together and reached out to the community so it too could enjoy the numerous benefits of these beautiful and functional gardens.

According to David Lovelace, administrator of Tri-County, the nursing home has been looking for creative new ways to expand and continue to foster success as an assisted living facility in the Adirondack area.

"Facilities of this kind offer similar care, so what is our differentiating factor?" Lovelace posed. "Why not create a space that lets people experience the tranquility that a garden can offer? Having a memory garden gives us a competitive advantage."

The garden currently includes a mixture of annual and perennial plants, featuring numerous planters, trellises harboring clematis vines and honeysuckles, crabapple trees, a gazebo, bird feeders, several benches, and paved walkways that wind through and around the botanical bounty. The garden will be expanded in rustic Adirondack camp tradition, as part of the style consistent with Front Street's ski bowl development. Not only is the garden a joy to behold, it also serves as a place to carry out occupational therapy for residents.

"Feet markers will be painted on the walk ways so that residents can use the garden in conjuncture with therapies," said Lovelace. "In spring, we had residents plant seedlings, which was part of their weekly activities."

He noted that many of the Tri-County residents are from the Adirondack region, and have spent much time throughout their life enjoying the outdoors. Many of them would rather do therapy out in the fresh air of a garden than inside.

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