Letters become historical book

POTTERSVILLE - A Pottersville woman has turned the struggles of her ancestors into a book.

Jodie Sewall, a Times of Ti contributor, has transcribed the letters of her great-great-great-great-grandparents Oliver and Eleanor Boizard. The letters provide a first-hand account of their lives during the mid 1800s.

Long Distance Love 1855-1870 has been published on Lulu.com, an online marketplace for digital content.

In 2005 Sewall began the task of transcribing her family's personal collection of 100 letters written by her ancestors when she discovered that a small museum in the town of Empire, Mich., had an additional 157 letters they had written.

The local historians in Michigan were just as surprised to discover that there were more letters to this collection. A plan was formed to reunite both sets of letters into a book and Sewall began the task of transcribing each of the letters and researching the historical events and people that are mentioned throughout.

Oliver and Eleanor Boizard were married in 1855 and over the course of the next 15 years spent many months and even years separated from each other due to war and the necessity of living wherever work was available.

The letters are first-hand accounts of life during the Third Seminole Indian War in Florida, Army life in the Nebraska Territory, the Civil War and life in Chicago and Glen Arbor in the 1860s.

There is also a section containing over 40 pictures, newspaper clippings and pages from the Boizard family Bible.

Sewall grew up in Michigan but has been a resident of upstate New York for 20 years.

Her book can be found at http://stores/lulu.com/sewall and will soon be available via all major book distributors.

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