Essex 8/1/09

First let me tell you that I have carefully "calibrated" the following 372 words at a 12.345 offensive level. I always calibrate my articles to equally offend people.

Essex Days are here and starting up on Aug. 1. On tap are 50-plus vendors and sidewalk action. The Lois McClure, the replica canal boat, arrives and will offer free tours during the day and an ecumenical service on deck with sea based hymns at 5:30 p.m. Come back on the 2nd and watch it depart with banners and flags flying. Something new is also scheduled with the Essex Town Historian hosting a "Talkin' Room" that features local farmers talking about their farm life in the 20th century. Scheduled farm folk are Charlie Martin, Norma Goff, Ray Wrisley, Martha Cross, Don Shambo, and Vesta Springs. The "talking" begins at 11 so come and listen, even participate.

"Sunshine Boys," that Neil Simon chestnut, is next up to bat for the ETC group. I've always liked Neil Simon plays because you can see the lines coming and the answers arriving five minutes before they start. They're like one of my little leaguers telling me that they like to see a very slow fastball to hit.

Have you seen the refurbished Grange Hall? If not, a good way to do so is when the BRTF'ers put on "Pippin," their play next week featuring a creative bunch of six- to 12-year-olds.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that the "Talkin' Room" is going to take place in the Essex Town Hall, while the Lois McClure will be at the Essex Marina dock.

Strange things found in the P-Burg Paper: "Hydrant training set in Dannemora." Now they don't say what the Dannemora hydrants are going to be trained to do, but I anticipate that close order drill is not going to be included. After the training, people in Dannemora will have cloudy water. No reason giving, but I wonder if it will be because the hydrants will sweat a lot during their arduous training. Will there be a graduation ceremony? Also noticed in the same issue that someone is advertising factory delivery of trusses to work sites. I thought that people had operations instead of wearing trusses. Or could those black belts that people in Sam's wear be the delivered trusses?

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