Spell check

I speak clearly and slowly while spelling my name when ordering over the phone. "D, e, capital W, e, e, s. As in Soupy Sales," My last name is unusual. If your last name is Jones, you can skip the letter-by-letter dictation and simply say, "Jones."

My first name is Rusty. No need to spell it out. VISA, that's a given, no need to spell it out either.

Making sure to speak slowly and clearly will assure your order person gets your credit card number entered from hearing it just one time through.

You say, "Vermont", and you instantly hear he or she click the seven keys it takes to complete entering the word.

When I say "Morrisville", I wonder if the person entering my mailing information heard it as, Morrisonville. My wondering to this point has been for naught.

I'm always surprised when someone or another complains about the awful time they've had dealing on the phone with a service person while ordering tickets or merchandise. I'm always amazed by, and pleased with, how knowledgeable and proficient the service folks are. Hooray, system!

Having said that, there is one word, that I swear, trips up every person who has ever taken down my mailing information. Worcester.

I could be on the phone with Bill Gates, inviting him to a Scrabble party, and when I get to the name of my road, Worcester Ridge, he'd be like, "Okay, ah, now that's Worcester, W, o, o, s? Or, W,u,s,s? Wait. Is there a C, in there? Are you're saying Worchester?" I'd say, "Ah Bill, yeah, it's, W, o, r, c, e, s, t, e, r. I don't know man, it's a freak show." Then Bill would be like, "Oh, yeah, I got it. You know, that's what I thinking it was."

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