North Country protesters decry taxes, big government

William Cameron of Brant Lake, a Navy veteran, said the trillions of dollars spent on bailing out the economy, government taxation, and Obama's leniency with Guantanamo prisoners were his main concerns.

"This wild spending has to stop - that's why I'm here," he said. "I'm disgusted with out President and the things those politicians are coming up with."

Wendy Cappella of Chester said creeping socialism was her chief complaint.

"What about free markets, instead of the freeloaders," she said.

Susan Lintner of Pottersville said she drew on her experience organizing protests in the 1960s to helped Ashendorff launch her anti-tax rally.

"I'm here with a lot of other people who are frustrated because we need a voice and don't know what to do,' she said.

She and Ashendorff said they'd be sending messages to legislators and politicians in Albany and Washington D.C. to make their concerns heard.

"We can effect change," Ashendorff said, adding that she and Lintner might hold another rally on Independence Day. "We've allowed the government trample on us all these years, and it's time we tell them we've had enough."

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