One-woman show delights college audience

Dale Allen, a veteran actress and playwright has earned acclaim for her ability to connect with audiences through character portrayals, song, comedy, history, myth, art and artifacts.

Allen presented her unique, one woman show, titled "In Our Right Minds", at Green Mountain College's Ackley Theater last week. A 15-year veteran of corporate and commercial communications, Allen gave voice to an intelligence that is within each woman.

Her performance guided women in the audience to their strength as leaders (and men to "strength without armor"), restoring in both men and women the validity of right-brain intelligence. Her dynamic Rutland County performance can best be described as having been a Cape Canaveral lift-off; she presented her ideas to a receptive audience.

"Dale Allen's one woman show turns the myths about women and men upside down and inside out. Her performance should be required viewing, not just for women and girls, but for men as well,"

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according to Suzie Galler of the Esteemed Women Foundation.

Allen probed the historical Paleolithic and Neolithic civilizations that many scholars believe revered a mother goddess.

"These civilizations were born of humanity's brain hemispheric lateralization, wherein each side of brain specialized in certain tasks and worked in balance with the other," Allen said.

"In Our Right Minds" uncovered the shift to left-brain dominance, looking at the emergence of alphabetic literacy across the world and the correlating subjugation of women and all things female. Returning to a time before written history, Allen retrieved ancient definitions of woman and goddess to discover how profoundly ancient concepts can strengthen modern men and women.

In the end, Allen took her Green Mountain College audience to a fantasy Someday Isle where dreams are forever postponed-after an hour and 15 minutes, the audience was returned to the real world where real work is required by real people in order to make real change.

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