Local taxpayers join in "tea party" protest

Then there's Obama's capitulating to radical Islam in his recent European tour. Obama actually bowed before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. This is the same king: 16 of his subjects took down the World Trade Center in the name of jihad against us infidels. And I had the misfortune to have been working that day as a police officer; I personally saw those magnificent buildings get hit and go down. I personally lost many friends in that attack.

A final note. Last week in Montpelier, when we, the American people, concluded our demonstration we attempted to enter the Vermont State House to see our legislators in action; we were told we could not bring the U.S flag into the capitol. When I approached several men, some in civilian clothes and some in uniform, and identified myself as a member of the fourth estate, I was told, "You can bring in the flag, but not the stick it's attached to." So we had to rip the flag off its pole or stay outside. Yes, socialism and tyranny are alive and well and growing. "We American must unite to defeat every incursion upon our liberties."

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson: When Americans are afraid of their government, it's tyranny. When the government is afraid of its citizens, it's liberty.

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