Local taxpayers join in "tea party" protest

Tyranny is flourishing faster than bacteria in a Petri dish.

This next narrative was told me at a tea party by a credible source. Although I can't verify it, I would feel remiss if I did not disclose it. From the horrendous, egregious acts of oppression to liberty I have personally witnessed, I can only say it has credence. You be the judge-

While driving his children down a road in rural Vermont, a man was stopped by soldiers in full combat regalia, complete with kevlar helmets and rifles.The man was questioned when he queried them as to what it was about. He was austerely told to move on. When he came to a town down the road, he questioned a few locals about this. He was told they were looking for illegal guns and that the soldiers were Pakistani soldiers employed by U.S. Homeland Security. This is the same Homeland Security agency that, in a recent memo, called tea party and other conservative citizens U.S. terrorists-mothers and fathers and their children (like little Sarah Block of Rutland in the accompanying photograph) peacefully exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate in support of the constitution-not against it!

The government has a hit list. The following are just two of the many items on this list that can have you labeled as a "dangerous person": if you're against gun control or against abortion, you may be targeted; you may be put on a "no fly" list or you may suddenly be audited by the IRS. And speaking of flying, have you seen how some people are treated when they attempt to board a commercial airliner? You take off your jewelry, wallet, and other items. Then, you're pulled out of line-in the meantime, your personal items are going down the conveyor belt. No one is watching them. The next guy comes along, picks up his things-and maybe yours, too. Great! Really makes me want to fly.

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