Local taxpayers join in "tea party" protest

Editor's Note: Taxpayer, writer, and former law enforcement officer Thomas Sinacore attended two, large citizen "tea party" protests here in Vermont on April 15. What follows combines observations and commentary about the grassroots protest over national policy. Views expressed are those of the writer.

On April 15, 1969, I was sworn in as a New York City police officer-sworn to uphold the laws of the State of New York and the Constitution of United States. On this same date four decades later, I again came to support the U.S. Constitution as did other citizens from around the U.S. We gathered in peaceful demonstration in support of the constitution. Approximately 2,000 such events took place across this country. It was called the tax day "tea party"-tea being an acronym for "taxed enough already". I attended two such events, one in Montpelier, organized by Jessica Bernier, the other in Rutland, organized by Jon Wallace.

At these non-partisan, multi-racial gatherings there were even Obama supporters who apologized for voting for this man. It was gratifying to see so many conservatives finally coming forward and publically stating: "No longer the silent majority!"

I must concede I didn't go as an impartial observer, but at least I admit it; that is more than some of the other newspapers will do. Some of the left-leaning journalists either ignored this event completely or, if they did report on it, did so out of journalistic obligation; many of the facts and figures reported were blatantly incorrect.

Basically, these Vermont patriots-who were recently labeled "conservative terrorists" by Homeland Security-came out to voice their aversion over Obama's economic bailouts and government spending and his offensively conspicuous disregard for the constitution. The Democrats were fast to point out President Bush's spending over his two terms in office. However, Obama surpassed this figure in just three months.

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