Mill Creek Musings 4/18/09

Spring is here, the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdies is," - author unknown. There's a new guy in my life and he's green! . No, it isn't the Geiko Gecko or John Deere, two of my previous infatuations. I have a new car. My two previous cars were named Mt. Momma and Silver Girl. I've dubbed this one Sprout after the Jolly Green Giant's little brother.

Sprout came into my life on St. Patrick's Day. He's the color of new spring growth on the deciduous trees, the same shade as the skunk cabbage and fiddlehead ferns that grow along the banks of Mill Creek in April. He's like the clay cat I made in high school ceramics class. My classmates thought I should glaze him black, but I said, "No" and glazed him apple green. Like that kitten of my youth, Sprout is little, almost cute enough to pet, and he puts a smile on my face.

Kermit the Frog says, "It isn't easy being green." Sprout stands out like a shiny new penny amidst all the black, white and silver cars on the road. For a little guy, he has a lot of get up and go.

So, if you see someone tooling around town in a small green machine, you'll know its just Me 'n Sprout. Give us a wave!

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