Essex 4/19/09

Once again it is time for another column, and my mind is bereft of anything to say in my usual world shaking manner. Oh, I know, I could ramble on and on but would not be expressing myself in my normal cogent, whimsical or, sometimes, aggravating way.

Oh, I could mention something vague about Hill Bullies, concerned citizens, busybodies or the DNC, but no, no, no dear readers, I will not insult your intelligence with such mendacity. You have the right to expect better from me, so I will not even resort to mention that toothless "Tiger" Tedisco wanted to name vote counters for the absentee ballots. No, no, no, and no again and again; I shall not ramble, I shall not postulate, nor will I condescend to egregious remarks. So, expect nothing to be taking up valuable Valley News space. Please grant me this week off and wait until next week when I will report the finals of the Cherry Blossoms counting computation competition.

Hold the press, Matt, I just remembered that Bea Carrick, Cory Gillilland(Gillilland rhymes with Macmillan), and Matt Looby celebrated birthdays last week with dining-out feasts. Wait, I just recalled that the annual Maple Sugar Festival at the Essex County Museum in E-town will be held on April 25. Wait, wait; just also recalled that we give a "hats off" to Don Hollingsworth, Al Dybas and Mark Rutkowski, for fantastic Easter Morning cooking after the Beggs Park Sunrise service. If you're interested, the sun did rise that day. Anyways, I am sorry I was so bereft.

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