Time to cash in

Maybe all this thought about my will has answered the deep question we often wonder about ourselves: "What is the reason for me?"

Maybe the reason for me is to kick early so my blood kin and a handful of others can cash in at rates that could offer them some financial breathing room for the rest of their lives. Provided they have half a brain and spend it wisely. Maybe the money I'm able to save, because I don't have a family and I'm not overly generous to arts organizations, is not such a small part of my present and future legacy, maybe it's a large part, and maybe the same money that alive to me is the root of all evil, would be at my unwanted early death, my greatest gift to those I love -- not counting my ability to wiggle both ears independently.

Note to self: Take time to thoroughly evaluate spending and budgetary habits of those you're leaving free money to. Make sure you don't leave heaviest sums to ones who'll spend it frivolously on themselves, buying Wi players and dope. Leave largest sums of the hard-earned-never-spent cash you died too early to enjoy, to kin who'll bank it and let it pile up for the future. Then hope they see a future, but not a future where they're so healthy they keep not spending the money because they want to keep saving it for when they start to physically break down and really need it. Hope they don't die really old and leave all the money you left them that they didn't spend to someone you didn't know when you were alive, or someone you did know and didn't like much. Boy, this will thing is starting to get tricky.

Middle age arrives one afternoon and you, without kids and a wife, think about if you've done anything worthwhile with your life. Those with kids and a wife think the same thing I'm sure. Once you've concluded what you've done should have been done, and was done, without too much suspense, you realize what you've done was simply part of the design, and wasn't even a zillionth as important as the opposable thumb.

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