Bullying-no joking matter

"I wanted access into the entire computer," said Halligan. "You need to be careful how you trust people online or the cell phone. Sometimes there are things you would never consider saying in person. Words hurt much easier than getting a black eye. It's hard to show a bruised heart. Bystanders do not want to get involved, which is part of the problem but also a secret to fixing the problem. It was suggested to step in and say, "I don't like what you're doing. If you continue, I will not be your friend."

The message was clear: Help bullies become better people. Stop being bystanders.

"After Ryan's death, my wife and I tore apart Ryan's room-it looked like it had been ransacked. We checked his school locker, everything, and found no suicide note, which is a myth. Most of the time there is no note. No note, no explanation, and there's no greater human pain than losing a child," Halligan said.

Next week: The bully problem continues.

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